Nude Food

Nude Food Song written by Robyn Smith, arranged by Kelli Brogan, performed by Killara’s 2015 Choir. (Placed second in the 2015 Nude Food Competition sponsored by Smash)

Waste-free, litter-free food is usually healthier for you and the kids. It also helps to reduce land-fill which will be a huge problem for future generations.

The Nude Food idea is exactly what it says, ‘Nude Food’ – no wrapping (cling-wrap/foil etc.). Lunches/snacks can be sent to school in reusable/compartment lunchboxes or plastic-backed fabric lunch sacks.

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Ideas of what to include in a Nude Food (litter-free) lunch box…..

1.     ‘Cute’ vegetables – cherry tomatoes, baby cucumbers (grocers and supermarkets sometimes have early picked, mini-produce such as baby capsicum and baby cues), baby corn, raw green beans, snow peas, raw asparagus spears, mushrooms, and blanched broccoli and cauliflower tips.

2.     Edible wraps – dolmades, sushi, slaw and baby corn wrapped in a cabbage or lettuce leaf secured with string, or shredded vege tucked up inside a rice paper wrap. Not in an edible wrap but worth adding to the school lunch box would be banana leaf parcels (google this to discover some great ideas).

3.     Hunky vege – cooked jacket potato, washed raw baby carrot, cooked corn re-wrapped in the original leaves which can be tied on with string or secured with a toothpick or elastic band. The vegies can be cooked and cooled the night before ready for the morning lunch box rush.

4.     Obvious fruits – apples, pears, mandarins, oranges, banana, grapes, cherries, berries, lychees, kiwi fruit.

5.     Protein power-houses – eggs (pre-boiled and ready-to-go), cheese cubes, and prawns in their shell if keeping things cool is not an issue.

6.     Now, the following  are in the spirit of ‘rubbish-free’ – leading to a little less land-fill.

o   Instead of buying single serve packaged items, which come with their own disposable packaging, buy foods in bulk packs. Get the kids to repack the contents into mini-serves. You will need stacks of re-useable plastic/metal containers, so recycle and use the empty plastic food jars from peanut butter, preserved fruit, sauces bottles… Yoghurt, canned fruit, dried fruit, custard, air popped corn, pretzels, dry breakfast cereals, olives etc.

o   Avoid single serve juice packs and water bottles. Get a leak-proof refillable bottle. Fill with water (Tap is best!). Freeze, if possible, to add extra chill to the lunch box.

Finally, ask the consumers (kids or whoever takes a rubbish-free lunch) to take home the scraps to fed to the chickens, worms or compost heap. You can keep an eagle eye out for uneaten/half eaten stuff. All in all, a litter-free lunch means there are fewer wrappers and less rubbish to throw in the rubbish bin.

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