Killara’s Class Heros

HERO stands for Heating, Electricity, Recycling Officer. These students are chosen by their class to take on this responsibility within their classroom and within the broader school community.  They are trained in their role and meet regularly with the Sustainability Team. They discuss issues at our school, give feedback from teachers and students,  offer ideas to make our school more sustainable and are part of implementing solutions and new initiatives.  

The HEROs participated in the Western Water Incursion on SWEP.

Semester 2 HEROs 2018

Semester 1 HEROs 2018

Semester 2 HEROs 2017

Semester 1 HEROs 2017


Captain HERO song written by Robyn Smith, arranged and performed by Kelli Brogan (2015).

Captain HERO was introduced to our school in 2014 to represent our Heating, Electricity, Recycling Officers.  Captain HERO visits every semester to present certificates and vests to our newly elected HEROs. Vests are warn during school to identify our HEROs, each section of the school has a different colour. 

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